All systems are go

Jul 23 2010

After toiling at getting my WordPress theme consistent with the rest of the site, I think I’ve finally got it.  There’s a few placeholders going on right now, but I’ll fix that when I wake up tomorrow morning afternoon.  That means is pretty much entirely set up!

Web design aside, Dauss and I put out version 0.9 of Gravity Garden today (which is really yesterday now, but oh well).

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  1. Why has DRL not been informed about this?
    Also, I fully expect this to work cross-platform; you’re using C++ and SDL, right?

  2. It’s C++ and SDL, but I hadn’t actually worked with C++ before this project. Unfortunately that means some of the things are coded to only function on Windows (specifically how it handles files). That said, I may very well fix those pieces of the code so that it’s cross-platform if there’s enough demand.

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