Gravity Garden T-Shirts

Jun 10 2011

All three of you actually watching this space may be interested in purchasing a T-shirt with the Gravity Garden logo on it. If you are, Dauss has a store here, and while you’re at it, you can even buy a hat. He even has some lovely rude gorillas in there if you browse the rest of his shop:

Before you go and call us hypocritical capitalist pigdogs, please keep in mind that these are government-funded upper body garments. By the USSR, of course. Simply put, between the time travel and the declassification of documents concerning the space program so we could get our hands on the symbol, a lot of work went into these shirts, so you better appreciate them. There’s even a Coupon Code for Cheap Products (CCCP) so you can get shirts from Wordans for 20% off until Father’s Day, but only if you can decrypt this message:
(Hint: it’s not very well-encrypted)

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  1. Oh man, this is hilarious, good job with this.

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