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Sep 21 2012

Do you hear that sound? I hope not, because this website doesn’t have any sound.
But did you READ that sound? That’s the (textual) sound of the music dump truck backing up, so you should probably move before it crushes you.
You may ask why — or how — there’s a truck on this blog, and one of those is a perfectly good question. The answer to the question is that several people have requested its contents, and the music dump truck exists to serve the people. The answer to the other question is “you should probably stop doubting the existence of the truck and mov- oh, too late.”
Anyway, while the hospital is treating you for the tire tracks covering most of your body, you can at least have some tunes to listen to!

First, some loops:

      • Blizzard-Whipped — This was written during a series of particularly cold March days, so as you can probably tell from the title, it’s blizzard-themed. It takes some inspiration from Sonic 3’s Ice Cap Zone, too.
      • Calm During the Storm — Somebody on a forum I frequent was looking for music for his game, so I wrote some music for it (without telling him, because I wasn’t sure I would be able to finish quickly enough). Sure enough, by the time I had finished, he had already made his own music! Oops. This was intended for a rainy/windy level.
      • Doppler Effect — This short loop was also intended for that game, and was the theme for a supercomputer going nuts.
      • Holy Hell — I had done ice level music, so I figured a logical next step would be to do the ubiquitous lava level. This was also an excuse to play with some incredibly cheesy lo-fi guitar synths I made.
      • Havoc MK2 — I’ve redone this song at least 4 times by now (one version of which showed up in Prison Escape Episode 3), but this is probably my favourite version of it. It was inspired by fight music in general, although listening to it now, I think this song probably had the most impact on it, as well as Showtime (hence the name being a synonym for “fight,” as per Homestuck Battle Music Naming Standards™).
      • Speed Run — I did this to see how quickly I could bang out a loop. The answer, it would seem, is two and a half hours, which is okay with me. I think it draws some inspiration from FantomenK’s Bionic Belly Button.

And then some not-loops:

      • Circuitry in the Deep — I really don’t know where this one came from. I was just goofing around and ended up with a song.
      • Black Hole Dust — This is a remix of three songs from the Megadrive Sonic games, mostly using samples from Sonic CD (1, 2, 3). In case it isn’t clear at this point, I liked the music in those games.

EDIT: Also, for anyone who missed the posts in my development log, you can also find some of the music for Magnaut on my YouTube channel (for now, Electroargentum and Fast Travel).

Enjoy! And sorry about the truck thing. I’ll just use a wheelbarrow or something next time.

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