Patch Update

by on Feb.17, 2011, under Uncategorized

We released a patch today, fixing some bugs with the game and adding some things to make it more playable. Here’s what’s new:

  • Ball mode now makes the player invincible to acid gas and lasers, and makes the player dash while on the ground
  • Removed gas pockets to allow free exploring
  • Lowered escape time to add challenge
  • Fixed level select size mistake
  • Fixed death while holding orb bug
  • Arrow now points to orb when it’s been dropped
  • Fixed shaky camera
  • Fixed a bug with groundbased lasers not hurting
  • Added sounds for ball transformation
  • Added tutorial text explaining the minimap
  • Ship pickup zone made clear
  • Added a splash screen to inform people of unfinished state

We’ve had 80,000 plays on Kongregate since we uploaded it, so we’re really excited to have such a big audience! Thanks for all your feedback!

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  • soad667

    Sweet, another update!

    Now transforming into a ball actually has a use, nice. Don’t know if you find it a good idea, but how about being able to boost yourself while being a ball? Like when you slow down and stop, activate some thrusters that boost you left or right. By double pressing left or right while in ball form, or by holding a button and pressing left/right.

    I had no chance to try those gas pockets, but i guess people complained for limitations in digging etc. They were appearing randomly? Or all the time, when you dig deep? If it’s the first, i think they could be a nice addition. Especially if there was some warning that you’re getting close to a gas pocket, so people have a chance to avoid them. Like small doses of green gas that don’t harm you, or anything else.

    About the time, nice to see it lowered. Now, in more complex caves you have a reason to kinda plan your way out. On easier ones, you still finish with a lot of time left, but i guess that’s why they’re easy. πŸ˜›

    Btw, i love the splash screen. πŸ™‚ I wasn’t sure how far you plan to go with this, but seeing you mention it’s an alpha and have plans for more makes me really happy. I suppose you will follow the commercial route with the full version? I’m asking cause this game has a lot of potential, already feels awesome and you totally deserve it.

    Have nothing else to comment right now. Keep it up!

  • TheLastBanana

    The ball will have a lot more uses in the future, but it will likely stay the way it is in terms of being uncontrollable. You’ll be able to use it activate devices, roll through tubes, and probably even attack things, though.
    The gas pockets would appear randomly within dirt when you dig too far out of the cave, in order to discourage people from tunnelling through the whole level. They may return in the future, we’ll see.
    We’ll be selling the game in its completed state (and probably as pre-orders), so stay tuned for that.
    Otherwise, glad to hear you enjoyed the update!

  • Kesvalk

    i must say, this is like the if minecraft and metroid had a baby

    i just love the game, and i am very happy to know you guys will update the game so you can upgrade and customize your drillboid…

    i would love to see more engrossing caves, like one main cave where you continue the story, with lots of lesser caves around on the planet (or in other planets too) were you can find other materials to upgrade your drillboid…

    maybe even other types of drillboids like a faster, more fragile and some heavier boids

    man, the possibiliteis are endless…
    thank you for making such a great game.

  • TheLastBanana

    Glad to hear you like it!
    Our plan is to have a story, and you’ll find parts of it in the caves. We still haven’t entirely figured out how that’ll work, but it’ll definitely be part of the game.
    We will likely have different types of robots to use, too. Again, nothing is entirely set in stone at this point, so we’ll be sure to keep you updated!
    And thanks for playing the game, we really appreciate it.

  • Chive

    “this is like the if minecraft and metroid had a baby”

    There’s your front of the box quote sorted.

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