Customising on the horizon!

by on Mar.17, 2011, under Uncategorized

Here’s a peek at one of the new equipment models I’ve been working on. Since the Kongregate competition I’ve been hard at work redesigning the way the Drillboid character is constructed so that it’s separated into different meshes ready for having equip-able parts! I also took the opportunity to improve the textures and the shaders used on the character to the level of graphics I’d like to reach for the whole game.

What you are seeing here is the normal Drillboid character with the standard body unit swapped out for a more heavily armoured version. The equip-able parts of the Drillboid will be the Head, Body, Feet, Hand and Drill. In the final game every different part you can equip will be represented with a unique model or texture.

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  • ShiroiRyu

    Good good !
    I thought you have abandonned this game !
    Have you some screenshots about the “boss” you spoke about ? 🙂

    • capnbubs

      We’re seeing this game through to the end, I myself am working full time on the graphics.

      I haven’t started on any boss creatures yet, the priority right now is to get all of the base features working in the game. Research, upgrades and stuff.

      As soon as all those features are in we’ll focus on content, more creatures, map types and things to discover!

  • soad667

    Sweet news! I can’t say i expected such a feature. But i love customization of any kind in games, so thumbs up for adding this. 😉

  • ShiroiRyu

    Oh … Don’t think i dislike what you do. 🙂
    It’s a good news you think about all of that.
    One thing : will you put a save thing ? ^^

  • capnbubs

    Yes we’ll definitely have saving, it won’t be mid level though.

  • ShiroiRyu

    No no …
    We don’t need checkpoint in the game.
    Just the save after you finish one level so when you play the tomorrow, you can all the gears you earned.

  • soad667

    Speaking of saves, please don’t make the progress being kept in the registry. I see many Unity games do it and it’s a bit frustrating, especially if you want to keep backups etc.

  • TheLastBanana

    In the downloadable version, I’ll be sure to use save files instead of the registry. We’ll be keeping a sort of “demo” version on Kongregate, which will run in your browser, and that will probably save to the registry, since people tend to get a little nervous about letting programs from the web access their hard drives.

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