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Here’s a little teaser video and a screenshot of the new surface level graphics. We’re still working on the game and I’ll post some more updates as I finish more of the art.

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  • soad667

    Wow, beautiful! It was a pleasant surprise seeing on my rss feeder a notice about Drillboid. And thanks for the screenshot, i found my new wallpaper. 🙂

  • Rune Skovbo Johansen

    This looks super-sweet! You found a nice way to solve the “2D yet 3D” by placing a fully 2D sprite layer *right* in front of matching actual 3D geometry. It makes the game *look* fully 3D while still avoiding the problems and complexities that can come making the gameplay geometry real 3D, like the character and enemies being occluded by walls or the floor, or similar. It doesn’t seem disconnected at all; I haven’t seen any games do it quite this way before. I’d be very interested in a post describing how the 3D near background is constructed or assembled procedurally.

    • capnbubs

      Thank you for the kind words!

      The meshes that make up the front layer aren’t actually 2D, I suppose I could have made them 2D planes with a normal map for lighting but I went with 3D to retain the sharp edges in high resolution. They are drawn by a separate orthographic camera.

      The near background is constructed of square ’tiles’ placed by hand, the procedural levels are constructed from ‘rooms’ that connect seamlessly to give some control over gameplay and pacing. Is that what you wanted to know? I could make a more elaborate post about it later and show pictures of the layers from an angle to show the theatre set like construction if you are interested.

  • Rune Skovbo Johansen

    Ah, an orthographic foreground layer makes sense as well. There are way to make cutout materials retain sharp angled edges but it might not be worth it.
    As for the near-background, hand-placed tiles per room type pretty much explains it to me. I guess you then just need a well-defined scheme for making the background layer in the different room types match up together correctly – unless you just make the geometry overlap/intersect. A post would still be interesting to see but only if you feel like it. 🙂

  • ANtY

    Woah, it looks great but I’d make volume of the sound when he hits the ground dependent on how fast he moves at the moment when he meets ground.

  • Joel Santos

    One year after.. =\

  • Rune

    When do you anticipate the new terrain to be completed and available?

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