A little about me

Hey there. I'm Elliot "TheLastBanana" Colp. A lot of people ask me where I got my handle. The name came about around the time that there was news that bananas had a good chance of going extinct, and I was pondering what I would do if I were to discover that I was the owner of the very last banana. Of course, it was all just a big scare, so plenty of bananas are still to be had.

I'm a programmer (and occasional, although highly mediocre, pixel artist) hailing from the icy land of Alberta, Canada. Pretty much everything I do in terms of programming has something to do with a video game, so I guess you could say I'm a video game designer. Currently, I develop games in C++ and AS3, but I also have a fairly large body of work made up of mods for Cortex Command using Lua. I also have a few projects I made in Game Maker years ago, but they're all embarassingly hacked-together proof-of-concept type that I tended to start on a month before a competition deadline. They're still out there on the internet if you can find them. I also dabble a bit in music.

Once I get some time, I'll update this site with a bit more content - sorry it's so barebones at the moment.