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Sep 21 2012

Do you hear that sound? I hope not, because this website doesn’t have any sound.
But did you READ that sound? That’s the (textual) sound of the music dump truck backing up, so you should probably move before it crushes you.
You may ask why — or how — there’s a truck on this blog, and one of those is a perfectly good question. The answer to the question is that several people have requested its contents, and the music dump truck exists to serve the people. The answer to the other question is “you should probably stop doubting the existence of the truck and mov- oh, too late.”
Anyway, while the hospital is treating you for the tire tracks covering most of your body, you can at least have some tunes to listen to!

First, some loops:

      • Blizzard-Whipped — This was written during a series of particularly cold March days, so as you can probably tell from the title, it’s blizzard-themed. It takes some inspiration from Sonic 3’s Ice Cap Zone, too.
      • Calm During the Storm — Somebody on a forum I frequent was looking for music for his game, so I wrote some music for it (without telling him, because I wasn’t sure I would be able to finish quickly enough). Sure enough, by the time I had finished, he had already made his own music! Oops. This was intended for a rainy/windy level.
      • Doppler Effect — This short loop was also intended for that game, and was the theme for a supercomputer going nuts.
      • Holy Hell — I had done ice level music, so I figured a logical next step would be to do the ubiquitous lava level. This was also an excuse to play with some incredibly cheesy lo-fi guitar synths I made.
      • Havoc MK2 — I’ve redone this song at least 4 times by now (one version of which showed up in Prison Escape Episode 3), but this is probably my favourite version of it. It was inspired by fight music in general, although listening to it now, I think this song probably had the most impact on it, as well as Showtime (hence the name being a synonym for “fight,” as per Homestuck Battle Music Naming Standards™).
      • Speed Run — I did this to see how quickly I could bang out a loop. The answer, it would seem, is two and a half hours, which is okay with me. I think it draws some inspiration from FantomenK’s Bionic Belly Button.

And then some not-loops:

      • Circuitry in the Deep — I really don’t know where this one came from. I was just goofing around and ended up with a song.
      • Black Hole Dust — This is a remix of three songs from the Megadrive Sonic games, mostly using samples from Sonic CD (1, 2, 3). In case it isn’t clear at this point, I liked the music in those games.

EDIT: Also, for anyone who missed the posts in my development log, you can also find some of the music for Magnaut on my YouTube channel (for now, Electroargentum and Fast Travel).

Enjoy! And sorry about the truck thing. I’ll just use a wheelbarrow or something next time.

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Sep 02 2012

Long, long ago, I worked on a game called Magno-Warrior. I’ve been planning on re-releasing it as a far more polished Flash game under the name of “Magnaut.” After nearly two years of very occasional work on the project, I’ve decided to man up and start a development log, which you can find in this topic on TIGSource.
I’ll try to keep this blog updated with any really big news, but in the meantime, I’d suggest keeping an eye on the development log if you’re interested!

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Battle Brotocol

Apr 22 2012

Wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted here. Hopefully I’ll have some more stuff to post in the next few months.

Here’s a song I wrote that ended up winning a contest! If you read Homestuck, you’ll know what this track is about. If not, hopefully you can enjoy it anyway.

Battle Brotocol

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Gravity Garden T-Shirts

Jun 10 2011

All three of you actually watching this space may be interested in purchasing a T-shirt with the Gravity Garden logo on it. If you are, Dauss has a store here, and while you’re at it, you can even buy a hat. He even has some lovely rude gorillas in there if you browse the rest of his shop:

Before you go and call us hypocritical capitalist pigdogs, please keep in mind that these are government-funded upper body garments. By the USSR, of course. Simply put, between the time travel and the declassification of documents concerning the space program so we could get our hands on the symbol, a lot of work went into these shirts, so you better appreciate them. There’s even a Coupon Code for Cheap Products (CCCP) so you can get shirts from Wordans for 20% off until Father’s Day, but only if you can decrypt this message:
(Hint: it’s not very well-encrypted)

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Jan 18 2011

My latest game project, Drillboid, is going public now (although it’s still in early alpha). This time I’m working with an actual artist (Chris Mansell, namely), so you won’t have to suffer through my programmer art this time around. We’re working on it for the Kongregate Unity contest, and when that’s done, we’ll probably expand on it and see if we can sell it. It’s still in early alpha, but give it a play anyway – if nothing else, it’s certainly pretty!


I’ll be posting (hopefully) more frequently on the devlog for it over here, so give it a read, too!

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Gravity Garden is Done!

Dec 04 2010

Well, after a little over a year of work, I can gladly say that Gravity Garden is done!

Gravity Garden 1.0 Screenshot

Take a look at the post for it on the TIGSource forums here:
Or, you can download the latest version right here.
I’ve just put a forum up a few days ago, so if you’re into making levels for the game, feel free to post them there.
Have fun!

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Soon, Capitalist Pigdogs, Soon…

Nov 30 2010

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Coming Soon…

Nov 24 2010


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Ludum Dare 18 Entry – Magno-Warrior

Aug 22 2010

I decided to give Ludum Dare a try – I’ve never entered it before. So, for LD18, I entered Magno-Warrior:

Check out its Ludum Dare page here:

I think it went pretty well. Obviously it’s not the prettiest game, but it’s functional, and that’s all I was aiming for. I also put together some music for it, so if for some reason you happen to like it, you can download it here.

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All systems are go

Jul 23 2010

After toiling at getting my WordPress theme consistent with the rest of the site, I think I’ve finally got it.  There’s a few placeholders going on right now, but I’ll fix that when I wake up tomorrow morning afternoon.  That means is pretty much entirely set up!

Web design aside, Dauss and I put out version 0.9 of Gravity Garden today (which is really yesterday now, but oh well).

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