To be curt, I've made a lot of third-party mods for Cortex Command. Here's a list (in no particular order) of ones that are compatible with the current build:

FBM CB 4200A replacement brain that lets you use your cursor on objects in-game.The FBM CB 4200
Mind Control DeviceLets the user take control of other actors.Mind Control Ray
HoverboardsMountable vehicles that work somewhat like Unreal Tournament hoverboards.Hoverboard
Axe Cop ModAdds playable characters from Axe Cop.Axe Cop
Polistes NecareThe fancy Latin name just means Death Wasps. They come out of a hive and kill stuff.Polistes Necare
StarmanAKA the "invincibility star" from Mario. Works just how you think it would.Starman
Coming of GodOrder an actor in this craft and watch 4 minutes of havoc ensue (boulders, lightning, explosions, etc). Then the actor lowers out of the sky glowing. Won Mod Contest 3 (theme: crafts).Click here for a video.
MicroRepulsorsRepulsor guns made of microwaves and batteries taped together. Cooks people.MicroRepulsor
BlowgunsFires poisonous darts at people and slowly kills them.Blowguns
MedipacksHeal people with a convenient holdable kit.MicroRepulsor
Smooth Slow MotionPut the game into slow motion with the push of a button.Smooth Slow Motion

I also have a few scenes that I've made:

Orbit LandsA (very) small planet with gravitational pull. Good for sending soldiers into orbit.Click here for a video.
The RejectImagine Tetris, but the pieces are only a single block, and you're trapped inside it.The Reject
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Brain Wrestling MK2A mod that makes Brain Wrestling an actual gamemode. Never ended up finishing this, but what's there is pretty fun at least.Brain Wrestling
Prison EscapeBreak out of a Coalition prison using only a shovel. Of course, there are other weapons along the way.Prison Escape
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Prison Escape Episode 2A sequel to Prison Escape, in which you have to invade then escape from a Coalition base.Prison Escape Episode 2
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Classic ScenesSome of these are scenes that came from old versions of vanilla Cortex Command, but it includes Arctic Mission (a version of the old Grasslands with snow) and Apocalypse Towers (an extremely tall map with two buildings and breakable windows and furniture).Arctic Mission
Body LadderBased on the flash game of the same name. Kill zombies and climb their dead bodies to reach the top. Mind you, reaching the top is nigh impossible.Body Ladder
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